Looking back at web accessibility trainings in 2018

The IT accessibility working group started offering trainings for web content creators this past spring.  This fall, we were able to continue that work by holding three additional training sessions between September and November.

Here’s a summary of what the training sessions have accomplished so far:

  • Total sessions in 2018: 10
  • Total attendees: 83, or 50% of our content authors
  • In the group:
    • 10 Directors
    • 11 Associate or Assistant Directors
    • 40+ campus programs represented

If you haven’t come yet, but you want to learn more about web accessibility, fill out the registration form to sign up. We have sessions planned for the spring monthly between January and April, and hope to see you there!

Want to get a better idea of what’s involved? You can preview the training session agenda (Hampshire login required), or read through our web accessibility standards and resources.

Want to share your accessibility story or ask a question? Let us know by emailing itaccessibility@hampshire.edu.