A Big Update is Coming to Windows 10

We were greeted this morning by a Windows 10 computer that cheerfully1 reported an update ready to install: Windows 10 v1709.2

On a computer with a solid state drive (or SSD, the snappier, non-mechanical successor to the slower, spinning-platter hard disk drive), this update takes at least 30 minutes to download and install; on a computer with a traditional hard drive it takes much longer–hours.

One of the frustrations of Windows 10 is that it doesn’t let you decline updates, even huge updates like this one. It does, however, let you schedule when to install it. We suggest that if you have a computer running Windows 10 and it tells you about the update ready to install, that you schedule it to install overnight, or during some other lengthy time period when you won’t be needing it. Then just make sure that you keep the computer turned on, and hopefully it will all be completed by the time you return to use it.

We haven’t had much of a chance to test out this new version, but we did notice that on some computers it turns off the ESET antivirus protection each time the computer restarts. If this happens to you, choose it from the tray at the bottom right of the screen and choose to enable full protection. We are investigating solutions to this issue.

If you’re having problems with your computer after the update, please contact the IT Help Desk at helpdesk@hampshire.edu or 413.559.5418, or put in an IT Ticket on TheHub.

1Windows 10 is always so very cheerful. Even on our best days, we are never quite as cheerful as those Windows 10 messages are—frankly, they make us downright cranky, especially in a pre-caffeinated state of mind.

2For those of you who care, that number is derived from the year and month of the version release.