Tech Tip of the Week: Problems Getting Mail or Calendar on Wireless? Try NetReg

We’ve reset the network registration information for the wireless “wallace” network, so you have to “netreg” every device that connects to Wallace–including iPads and smart phones.

If you use the wireless network “wallace” while you’re on campus, we require that you register with us at the start of every school year. If you attempt to use a web browser without having net reg’d since the reset, you’ll be automatically sent to the page, and you won’t be able to access any web content until you complete the process (it only takes a few minutes).

These days, though, a lot of us use devices like a tablet or smartphone to access our email or Zimbra calendar information. If we’re on campus, chances are that we’re using the Wallace network to access these services, but that isn’t possible unless our device has been netreg’d since the reset. Unfortunately, the error message from email or calendar won’t tell you this, it will just fail, perhaps complaining about your username or password.

The solution is easy, once you’ve figured out that this is the problem:

  1. While you’re on campus, open up the web browser on your device (Firefox, Safari, or whatever you use to access the web).
  2. If you’re using Wallace and aren’t registered, you’ll be automatically sent to the netreg page. If for some reason you’re not automatically sent there, just enter “” into the browser address bar.
  3. Enter your HampNet user name and password. You will be told to wait 3-5 minutes for network access, and you’ll be good to go.