Google Presentations for Class Projects

If you’re looking for a versatile online place for students to easily post and share images and text, Google Presentations may be for you.

What is it?

It’s a type of document available in Google Docs, and basically it’s an online Powerpoint presentation. It lives online, and multiple people can access it and work on it at the same time.

One of our classes this semester wanted students to find and share images from their subject and post text and information about the photographers. The instructor started a Google Presentation, shared it with the class (each student needs a Google account) and the students were able to go in and create 3-4 slides each to add to the presentation. They ended up with a nice resource of images and information, created collaboratively by the students. They are creating one presentation for each subject they’re studying.

Students can upload images or grab them from elsewhere on the web. They can also add video, text boxes, and in general can design their slides however they like.

The presentation is instantly viewable online to the instructor and to other students, and can be viewed in class as a group, or individually online.

It’s really easy to use!

Google Presentation also allows you to have a comment stream happening on the side, so you can discuss the document with your class without having to type inside the slides. Here’s a neat video showing the software and the discussion feature!

If you’re interested in using Google Docs with your class, we recommend setting up a shared collection (aka a folder) in Google Docs, share it with your students, and then any doc you put IN that folder will be shared automatically. It keeps the hassle of sharing to the student’s google accounts to a one-time experience!

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