Heads Together: More tools for collaborative work

In our previous post we discussed Google Docs, which is probably the #1 tool for group work of any kind. Here are some more ways technology can help people work together.

Wiki’s: A wiki is a website created and maintained by a group, with anyone in that group being able to edit the content. You can have a wiki as part of your Moodle course, or use an outside service like Google Sites or Wikispaces. Students can work together to build a repository of what they’ve learned about the class’s subject, or use it to share resources, links, or ideas with each other.

Moodle Glossary: You can create a glossary as part of your Moodle course, and the students can add terms and definitions to it. This can be an assignment in itself, or simply a way to build a record of terminology or concepts they’re learning. Once created, Moodle will automatically create links to these glossary terms wherever they are used in the course (in a discussion forum, for example).

Voice Thread: This is a neat tool for creating multimedia presentations and discussion boards. You start with images or a video, and then students can go in and record comments. Students can comment on others’ comments, add images or videos, etc. It’s a interesting alternative to response papers, and engages students with different learning styles. We can set you up with accounts for you and the students, and provide training & set-up help as needed. Here are some links about Voice Thread in education.

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