week ending 7/23/10 3rd floor report

It has been a bit louder this week on the 3rd floor.  The new spaces are starting to take shape.  Old walls are now completely down or altered and new wall / door frames have been constructed.  A lot of the old lighting has also been removed.  The workers have been nice and considerate.  They try to let us know when we are in for a loud afternoon.

In talking to the head construction guy on site, I have learned that the construction part should be completed around August 13th.  The lab and training room computer tables and chairs are due in the following week.  As of right now, most of it seems to be on schedule and should be ready by the time students arrive!

Captain Info will be back on Monday, so I’m sure we will have a 1st floor update early in the week.  Things have really come together down there.   There are still a few things being worked on, but it looks like they are in the home stretch.

Below are some new pictures from the 3rd floor from this past week.  You can see them full size in a new window by clicking on them individually . Enjoy!

First Mate of the IT Seas

all of the lighting and drop ceiling removed from the old Lab
new wall in the old Lab to make the new Meeting Room on one side and IT Staff office space on the other
old lighting removed from the old Training Room / new Lab and part of the wall removed
In the new Lab. Changes to the wall to make room for a new entrance and a window allowing more natural light in from the hall
looking into the new IT Training Room
looking into the new Diagnostic Center
new wall and door frame in place in the new Diagnostic Center

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