May 16-19, 2024
ONCE MORE | 2024 Division III Showcase

Excerpted from six Division III exhibitions this past academic year, Once More features student artists exploring a variety of themes. These artists, in dialogue with one another, consider our shared present moment, contemplating rupture, loss, belonging, and world-building acts.

Artists in their final semester at Hampshire experiment with form and conceptual propositions in a series of group exhibitions. The Hampshire College Art Gallery supports students as they develop these Division III exhibitions, presented each year in the fall and spring. Providing a foundation in curatorial and professional practice for artists, this collaborative MFA-style program is a rigorous experience for students and reflective of Hampshire’s unique learning model. Students devote significant time to developing their shows, with this intensive process demanding meticulous planning, deep intentionality, and the cultivation of new skills. 

Congratulations to our soon-to-be graduates!

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