Hampshire College Art Gallery is pleased to announce FrameWorks, a platform for engaging the College’s innovative curriculum with time-based media, creating a new venue for students, faculty, and staff to share artworks responsive to urgent questions.

A call for submissions will be announced on February 1, 2024.

About FrameWorks

FrameWorks will activate a ground-floor window of the Hampshire College Art Gallery and the Harold F. Johnson Library Center with a rear projection display system. Each semester, starting in April 2024, we will display time-based media works that resonate with Hampshire’s Learning Collaboratives’ thematic focus. Visible from dusk until dawn, the display will project moving-image artworks and cast a glow onto the campus lawn.

Engagement and Collaboration

The Gallery will invite students, faculty, and staff to submit works in response to a prompt. This invitation to submit work for display will be shared through our LC networks and announced by email, flyers, and on Instagram. A selection of works will rotate each evening.

Built around our Learning Collaboratives

The program is explicitly designed to align with and contribute to LC symposium themes and programming. The timing of the projections, including invitations, installation, and display duration, will coincide with LC-scheduled events. As FrameWorks becomes a recurring program, it will offer a cohesive thread of multimedia engagement that enriches existing LC programs. Funding for this project has been made possible by Hampshire College’s Learning Collaboratives.

Hampshire College Art Gallery fosters creativity and intellectual engagement through its various exhibitions and programs. FrameWorks is an extension of this ongoing mission, and we invite the community to participate in this new project.

Take a sneak peek

We have been testing the display system during the 2023 Fall Semester as we prepare to launch this program. Here’s a preview of what’s to come.

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