Image: Works by Naomi Romm and Jaime Feiler, Div III 2017
Artists in their final semester at Hampshire experiment with form and conceptual propositions in a series of small group shows.

March 27 & 28:
Aaron Wald | Handbuilt Guitars
Mario Serrano
Vee Tineo
Reception: March 27, 4:30-6:30pm with live music

March 31 & April 1: A Collection: Photography by Erik and Victor
Erik Silbernagel
Mengsong Yu
Reception: March 31, 5-8pm

April 4 & 5:
Lili Owen
Jackson Horne | Material-Metabolism
Genna Crowell | Pinched
Anna Aron | Head Phones
Reception: April 4, 6-8pm

April 8 & 9:
Natalie Wong | Apart
Emily Shari | études in touch
Erin Sternfels
Shannon Webb
Reception: April 8, 6-9pm

April 12 & 13:
Cori Cannavino | In Light | 6pm
Jackson Glasgow | thoughts, behaviors, actions | 7-10pm
Zeke Zeff | How to Get Lost | 8-10pm
Camila O’Brien
Reception: April 12, 6-10pm, with some live performances

April 16 & 17:
Carrie Grossman | Carrie’s Table
Lile Merrell | Synecdoche • Umwelt
Fiona Scanlon-Black | Learning Through Art
Alana Young-Morrison | Art in Classrooms: Student Work and the Behind the Scenes
Reception: April 16, 6-8pm

April 20 & 21: Half Life Place: A Div III Thesis Show
Nicolo Triolo
Alea K. Alexis | Attendant
Claudia Hermano | scalp, eyes, lungs, wrist
Reception: April 20, 6-9pm

April 24 & 25:
Tucker Loftus | Reticulum
Hope Widmayer | offerings
Mia (Maximus) Diers: SPOOK, I am Still |*Trigger Warning: Sensitive Content*
Reception: April 24th, 6:30-9pm

April 28 & 29:
Lauren Rhee Burke | What Do I Owe You
Makenna Finch | Sub-Liminal | Live performance at RCC pool beginning at 5pm. It is an ongoing score that the audience can move in and out of watching from either the bridge or pool area.
Aria Linz
Reception: April 28, 6-8pm

May 2 & 3:
Emily Strand | To You, Far Away
Nora Trampe | Ériu Insular Illuminated Tarot: Greater Secrets Tunnel Books
Isabella R. Villanueva | Illustrations of Love and Pain
Reception: May 3, 7-9pm

May 7 & 8: Five College Architecture & Design Showcase

May 13-18: Student-curated Div III Showcase, culminating in Commencement

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