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4 September 2013


Lee, Tom, Jake, Dave, Dan, Frode, Bill, Eddie, Omri (scribe)


  • Lee will be attending¬†COW in London¬†(October 14-15)
  • ClojureCup¬†(September 28-30) signup is now open. We all agree that GP and/or Clojush webapps would be a good idea regardless, for the purposes of garnering general public interest


We discussed various possible grant proposals, including one to the Templeton Foundation. The Robust Intelligence grant will be due by October 15th.

Lexicase essay

Currently a priority and still some data to accumulate. We bounced around ideas for phrasing choices to frame why lexicase selection is important or different. Some different ways to describe the types problems that it solves: “test case ideal”, “multivariable regression”, “uncompromising”.


Somewhat promising so far, but only using medium population and radius sizes. So it seems to be more effective, but not faster.


…Is coming along.

Finding good problems

Tom is looking for good problems for GP to tackle. Specifically ones that could highlight automatic software development. Some problems discussed were I/O file manipulation, change decider, a simplified automated accountant, and a tic-tac-toe judge. The tic-tac-toe judge was our favorite.

Next meeting

September 11 2013 (no paper to read)