Hampshire College offers a concentration in Psychoanalytic Studies to undergraduates embedded in a unique pedagogy in which the student, in consultation with faculty, creates a path of inquiry connecting psychoanalysis with contemporary questions and projects.

Psychoanalytic Studies at Hampshire College

Here I describe the impact of offering studies in psychoanalysis to undergraduates on the field of psychoanalysis itself, and its future:


I teach a class, Poetics of the Unconscious, which challenges students to make connections between psychoanalysis and traces of the unconscious in words and images through visual art and poetry.  The following GIF is an animated alphabet made by the class working with visiting artist, Lyn Peterfreund.  Each member of the class worked on one letter.  We connected our alphabet with the origins of writing and the idea that the unconscious writes on the body.




Palimpsest projects: