About the CIL


The Hampshire College Computational Intelligence Laboratory, the research group of the Hampshire College Institute for Computational Intelligence, supports research in artificial intelligence, artificial life, and a variety of areas at the intersections of computer science with cognitive science, physics, evolutionary biology, and the arts.

Lab Members

Lee Spector (director)
Kwaku Yeboah Antwi (INRIA PhD student)
Kyle Harrington (Brandeis PhD student)
Thomas Helmuth (UMass PhD student)
William LaCava (UMass PhD student)
Karthik Kannappan (UMass Masters student)

Omri Bernstein (Hampshire College undergraduate)
Daniel Homer (Hampshire College undergraduate)
Eddie Pantridge (Hampshire College undergraduate)
George Price (UMass BDIC undergraduate)
Jake Wisdom (Hampshire College undergraduate)
Frode Zahn (Hampshire College undergraduate)

Other recent members: David Gagne, Daniel Gerow, Ian Herold, Brian Martin, Scott Niekum, Zeke Nierenberg, Micah Savitzky, Emma Tosch, Nathan Whitehouse