This online exhibition was curated by graduate intern Chelsea Miller. Chelsea is pursuing a master’s degree in History and a graduate certificate in Public History at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst. Her fields of study include museum studies, U.S. cultural history, and global history. She is currently the Communications Assistant for the Department of History at UMass Amherst. She will graduate in May 2016.

During the summer of 2015, Chelsea received a graduate fellowship to study at the Institute for Curatorial Practice, where she led a co-curated exhibition of art in the Five College Museums collections, titled BODY [IN/AS] LANDSCAPE. Chelsea remained at the Institute as an intern for the 2015-16 academic year to develop this exhibition. The Third Space: Textiles in Material and Visual Culture has several functions: it is a cross-cultural and cross-institutional exhibition of textile arts, it is an experiment in the digital exhibition of objects that are difficult to display in physical exhibition spaces, and it is an educational resource for students interested in material culture, global history, and curatorial practice.

The video which appears on the landing page of this exhibition was created by Ivy Vance, Research Assistant at the Institute for Curatorial Practice and Division II student at Hampshire College. This short film illustrates how signs and objects can be reappropriated, rehistoricized, and read anew. Created in conversation with this exhibition, the video was displayed at the Hampshire College projection gallery in the Harold F. Johnson Library April 17-24, 2016. The video is hosted on Vimeo.

This exhibition has been made possible through the generous efforts of the expert staff in the Five Colleges and Historic Deerfield Museums Consortium, especially Louise Laplante, Ned Lazaro, Penny Leveritt, Jaime Pagana, Mila Waldman, and Kendra Weisbin. At the Institute for Curatorial Practice, many thanks are due to Karen Koehler, Jocelyn Edens, Rhana Tabrizi, and Ivy Vance.

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