Sexual Assault Activism Month (SAAM)

SAAM: Speak-Out, Art, Healing, & Justice

On March 29th, close to 30 community members gathered to hear and witness survivors as they gave voice to their journeys through song, story, poetry, art, and memory.  Organized by student volunteers, The Title IX Office, and the Office of Survivor Supports, the Speak Out kicked off Sexual Assault Activism Month (SAAM) at Hampshire.

One project visible in the event space at Prescott Tavern that evening was #WhyIDidn’tReport.  Started by two students at the School of Visual Arts in New York, the project talks back to those who questioned survivor Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony at the Senate Judiciary hearings to appoint Brett Kavanaugh, who had assaulted Ford as a teenager, to the United States Supreme Court.

A painted portrait of Brett Kavanaugh


#WhyIDidn’tReport shares space with a compelling, intense, yet humorous portrait of Kavanaugh, painted by a student, reminding us that while we continue to be subjected to assaults, both personal and public, we will continue to find our voices, and speak loudly and ceaselessly against all forms of sexual assault, domination, and violence.

A photo of books displayed on a table for sexual assault activism month

SAAM activities at Hampshire include the #UnWhiteWashing SAAM exhibit in the library, (near the Div III wall), where books and zines are on display honoring the contributions of people of color, and LGBTQ folks to the anti-violence movement.

During the month of April are workshops about consent, sex after trauma, violence in lgbtq relationships, art and healing, mask-making, and a gathering for survivors of color. In addition, keep a look out for a new series of consent posters in residential areas! For further information, contact Ryn Hodes, Director of Survivor Supports at, Ext 4510.

We hope to see you during SAAM events!  Ryn