Lebron-Wiggins-Pran Cultural Center Presents… SPIRIT WEEK 2019!


The Cultural Center celebrated its first Spirit Week, which took place Friday, March 22 – Thursday, March 28. The week’s events were open to all domestic and international students of color, Hampshire’s SOURCE students (Students of Under-represented Cultures and Ethnicities). The week included a trip to the movies, wearing fun outfits, and a Saturday brunch.

Day 1 – All Black Day

On Friday, our first day, students wore all black and went on a trip to movies to see “Us” (2019). The program’s purpose was to view the thriller and discuss the complexity of identity.

Day 2 – Cozy Day 

Student cooking breakfast

The Cultural Center opened its doors early Saturday morning for students to drop by, enjoy a homemade breakfast, and spend time relaxing with friends


Students playing cards and eating breakfast in the Cultural Center

Day 3 – Baby Pic Day

SOURCE students celebrated the spirit of precious memories as we took to our Facebook page to share childhood pictures.

Day 4 – Twin DayTwo men dressed in matching blue vests for twins day

Participants met up with friends to dress alike and share a pic with the community.

Day 5 – Nerd Day

On Wednesday, we put on our best impressions of our inner nerd culture. Members who participated had the opportunity to visit the Cultural Center during our Study Sesh (quiet study hours), where in addition to finding a productive space to study, also received Nerds and Smarties candies to keep them energized.

Students doing homework and watching television in the Cultural Center

Day 6 – Mix-Match Day

On our last spirit day, folx had the opportunity to mix and match clothing… just for fun!

by Rob Simmons, Program Coordinator for Multicultural and International Student Services