Hampshire’s Indoor Soccer Team Wraps Up Season!

Each spring, Hampshire participates in an indoor soccer league in Northampton, MA. Our team, the Black Sheep, is made up of athletes who play on the varsity soccer teams during the competitive fall season. Playing a fast-paced game indoors is the perfect solution to being cooped up all winter. The league is casual and fun. We don’t spend a ton of time practicing or with coaches, as we do during the regular season. We pile in a van and pump each other up to play late-night games against other adults in the Valley. In my first three years on the team, we did not win a game. But this year, our team won half our games!

By Claire Shillington, 15F

Claire is a Division III student studying Environmental Science. She is very involved in OPRA at Hampshire, where she plays soccer and ultimate frisbee, rock climbs, and has taken yoga and whitewater kayaking classes.

Hampshire's Indoor Soccer Team