From the Director of Alumni and Family Relations

Director of Alumni and Family Relations There’s a great new buzz on campus and a renewed intensity to our work here in Alumni and Family Relations—and everywhere.

Our new president sets an example of high energy and deep thinking—and listening—that is invigorating all that we do. Projects that were simmering on the back burner are now on the front, and alums who’ve been less in touch are coming forward, participating in events, excited to meet Jonathan Lash and to get involved again with their College. It’s a great time to be working—and volunteering!—at Hampshire.

As part of the ongoing strategic planning exercise, alum think tanks—using Facebook groups—are being created, so be sure to join one—or all four. Participate in discussions around Sustainability, Technology and Creativity, Arts and Humanities, and Higher Education. How should Hampshire address these areas to thrive and excel into the 22nd century and beyond? What will the new technologies be? What new pressures in the higher education market? What new careers will need graduates with a completely different education?

This past June we launched the first official Division IV forum. The theme, Food, Farm, and Sustainability, incorporated talks about green business, energy-efficient building, organic farms in inner cities, land use, and much more. We enjoyed alum-produced cheeses, ice cream, yogurt, fish, greens, hot fudge sauce, and more. Thanks to the inspiring and generous alum, student, and faculty speakers, workshop leaders, and supporters, it was fabulous.

At Hampshire, and even more now with the arrival of Jonathan Lash, sustainability is a constant theme. So is social change, the theme for this summer’s Division IV weekend (June 8–10). Please mark your calendars, join us whenever you can, and get involved!

-Killara Burn


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