In Memoriam

ince the last issue of NSS, we have been saddened to learn of the deaths of the following members of the Hampshire community. If you would like more information, please contact us at We may be able to provide an obituary or put you in touch with family or friends of the deceased.


Charles Richardson 70F
Martha Aileen Silling 71F
John Scott Carr 72S
Caron Meg Grin-Jorgensen 74F
Deborah Coquillon 75F
Scott Wayne Boren 78F
Katherine Elizabeth Martin 87S
Seth McKinley Boyd 88F
Daniel Reich 91F    
Jessica Anne Gill 92F    
Brendan Terrance Moran 93F    
Catharine Bell Wetteroth 97F    
Nicholas Demaio Harrity 99F    
Evan Bingham Scofield 05F    
Samuel Josiah Butterfield 09S    
Livingston Pangburn 11F

Faculty and Staff

David E. Smith, professor emeritus of
English and American Studies

Charles H. Taylor, former chair, board of trustees