From the Director of Alumni and Family Relations

Killara BurnAmong the many inspiring alums I’ve met in the past few weeks, I’d like to mention two here. Both are particularly relevant to this issue of NSS: Tom because his work at Hampshire was in the humanities; Paula, because she works in education.

Tom Kizzia 70F, a journalist and the author of the best-selling Pilgrim’s Wilderness, visited campus in October. (Listen to his NPR interview) He spoke with students at an Ask an Alum lunch, and also offered 1-2-1s (Career Options arranges these one-to-one meetings). Tom’s Hampshire mentor was the late professor emeritus David Smith, who saw the book and the acknowledgment to him in galley proofs before he passed away. Tom traces the book’s origins to an American Literary Landscape class taught by Smith 40 years ago.  See “Bookshelf,” page 32, for more information on Pilgrim’s Wilderness.

I met Paula Hooper 79F, who had been profiled in Making a Difference while working on her PhD at MIT, at the recent San Francisco alumni event. Paula’s Div III and II chair was Roland Wiggins, “he is why my experience at Hampshire led to any professional success I have had.” She now designs and conducts professional-development experiences for K–5 teachers at the Exploratorium, a museum in San Francisco. Her goals are to help them hear the science in all students’ thinking and to support the learning of children from groups that have been underrepresented in STEM academic success. “The challenge is to help teachers’ and students’ learning be driven by their questions,” she says, but also connect to the standards.

“My day is dotted with smiles from seeing visitors on the museum floor ponder and play with the exhibits,” she told me.

I hope you enjoy feasting on the stories in this issue, and look forward to seeing you at Hampshire events coming up—especially Hampshire of Color (March 28–30) and the Div IV: Pursuing Ideas, which will focus on the humanities, June 6–8.

Killara Burn
Director of Alumni and Family Relations