Space and Landscape

Caitlin Berrigan 99F

With an artistic approach that includes performance, sculpture, and collaborations in the life sciences, Caitlin Berrigan 99F sees on a daily basis how her experiences at Hampshire helped build the foundation for an exceptionally innovative career.

“I wanted to go to a school with a strong art program, but where I could also get a good education in other realms,” says Berrigan. “I feel I did
get that.

Berrigan is in Berlin as part of a yearlong fellowship through the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. The fellowship includes a collaboration with the publishing house Archive Kabinett on a book related to the art and research she will complete over the coming months.

“I’m working on projects related to landscape and politics between Berlin and Beirut, how invisible forces such as international politics, real estate, and space impact our lives,” says Berrigan. “Both cities were divided and reunited during a similar time frame. Both also have regional identities and regional players who affect the dynamics of international politics.”

Her interest in space and landscape began while she was living in New York City, after graduating from Hampshire, and continued during master’s-degree studies at MIT. At Hampshire, Berrigan’s focus was on literature, art history, and visual art. Working with faculty such as philosophy professor Christoph Cox, sociology professor Margaret Cerullo, politics professor Carollee Bengelsdorf, painting professor Mariangeles Soto-Diaz, and film and video production professor Baba Hillman, she says, provided her with the input of highly creative, highly focused thinkers and doers who encouraged her own aspirations.

“A lot of what I was working on at Hampshire has continued into what I’m doing now,” says Berrigan. “The practice I learned there really gave me research and writing skills that were pretty outstanding. It also was an opportunity to learn how to work with people in many different fields while getting them on board with working with an artist. Hampshire also gave me a large network of creative friends and peers that’s very much part of my daily life and work.”