Exploring and Connecting

Some of the humanities courses being taught at Hampshire this fall and some of the individuals you’ll likely see and hear from at Div IV in June:

Professor of Humanities Robert Meagher’s course on War, Reconciliation, and Forgiveness examines how war has shaped and shattered lives from the ancient world to our own time. Meagher leads students in examining and comparing accounts of war and its wounds, visible and invisible, as well as the many diverse forms of healing, reconciliation, and forgiveness explored and practiced then and now.

Professor of Art History Sura Levine’s course Books, Book Arts, Artist Books, Bibliophilia offers a historical look at the changing status of printed matter. Beginning with medieval and Islamic illuminated manuscripts and the early-20th-century flowering of book design and bindings, it moves forward to the very recent interfaces between computer and reader. Among topics discussed in the class are the politics and possibilities of collaboration, innovation, and design.

We may now think of it as purely theoretical, but philosophy began as a practical discipline devoted to helping human beings live their lives in the fullest and best way possible. Students in Professor of Philosophy Christoph Cox’s course Philosophy as a Way of Life read and discuss various works of ancient, modern, and postmodern philosophers with that approach in mind.

Professor of Comparative Literature Jeffrey Wallen is dean of Hampshire’s School of Humanities, Arts and Cultural Studies. Faculty from a broad range of related liberal arts disciplines share a common interest in the interrelationships among creative expression, critical analysis, and cultural production.

Sura Levine
Jeffrey Wallen and Christoph Cox