The Knowledge Commons aspires to cultivate a hub within the library to revitalize a campus center, centralize resources, and build community in order to support students in confidently navigating those resources at crucial points during their time at Hampshire.

We aim to do this by:

– Providing tools for student success by bringing together academic programs, services, and technologies.
– Valuing students as co-creators with expertise in order to create student-centered spaces, resources, and services.
– Fostering transparency about the available resources, where to find them, and how they can help students.
– Fostering trusting relationships between students and staff to promote the use of these resources and tools.
– Recognizing that struggle is a part of intellectual and personal growth.
– Building a practice of inclusivity, equity, and justice in our work.
– Valuing flexibility, iteration, and ongoing assessment of programs and spaces and how they meet the needs of students.

The Library Learning Commons Service Strategy Report, March 2015 by Brightspot is our roadmap forward for bringing together Library, Information Technology, Creativity Center, Center for Teaching and Learning services, alongside the Writing Center, Transformative Speaking Program and Student Success Advising.

Click here to view the (PDF) Library Learning Commons Service Strategy Report:

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