Are you a recent graduate of Hampshire College? Are you looking for exciting job opportunities? Consider applying to the Knowledge Commons Alumni Fellow and intern positions!  

The Knowledge Commons aspires to cultivate a hub within the library to revitalize a campus center, centralize resources, and build community where we support students in confidently navigating those resources at crucial points during their time at Hampshire. The KC is heavily supported by the Alumni Fellows, recent Hampshire graduates from the past 3 years who are driven by a desire to impact and uplift the Hampshire community.

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All Fellows and Interns:

Work to develop a community of academic practice within the library, and help students gain access to the resources in the Knowledge Commons (research librarians, Instructional Technology, Media Services, Writing Center, Transformative Speaking Program, Gallery and Quantitative Resource Center.) Fellows and Interns collaborate with members of the Knowledge Commons Team to co-create programs and services with students; to build a practice of inclusivity, equity and justice in Knowledge Commons work; to assess how programs and spaces are meeting students’ needs; and foster trusting relationships with students and staff.

The Gallery Alumni Intern provides support and training for students in exhibition-related production, installation, curation, and research. The Gallery Alumni Intern will develop a community of artistic practice and knowledge production across campus (including liaising with faculty and students in Studio Arts, Film/Photo, Design Center and other related areas, and particularly in support of Div III work).

The Center for Teaching and Learning Alumni Intern helps identify and develop pedagogical resources, improves the CTL’s online and social media presence, shares resources with faculty and students to aid learning, provides administrative support in terms of logistics, budget, and writing support for the CTL, and provides support for the scholarly communication program, which is built on the foundation of our library’s institutional repository.

The Instructional Technology Alumni Fellow provides support and training for students, faculty and staff in digital platforms, digital humanities, blended learning, and other technologies used for teaching and learning and/or student engagement.

The Library Research Alumni Fellow provides support for student research. The Fellow offers individual consultations with students working on research assignments, Div III projects, and other academic work, and develops research supports and programs (e.g., creating online research guides, offering research skills workshops and study groups).

For any questions and to be notified when the jobs are posted please email knowledgecommons@hampshire.edu !

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