IMG_2369On Friday, 1/31, the Library Learning Commons Steering Committee took field trips to the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and to Williams College.

At UMass Amherst, our team met with librarians and technologists to see the Learning Commons, IT Computer Classrooms, Microclimates, the Team Based Learning Classroom, Digital Media Lab and Teaching Commons.  See photos here.


We then drove through a blustery snow to visit the newly renovated Sawyer Library at Williams College. The library was beautifully renovated, and also reprogrammed to include a Center for Educational Technology. See photos here.


Brightspot Strategists will return to Hampshire on Tuesday 2/10 to conduct partner interviews with 8 Learning Commons Partners and to facilitate a 3-hour workshop with Learning Commons users, partners, and library staff. The workshop will build on the vision for the Learning Commons that was created last year. A series of activities will help us work together to:

  • Discuss qualities that define a good service experience the Learning Commons
  • Identify relationships between academic and student support groups at the College
  • Evaluate high-level options for how services could be delivered in the Learning Commons
  • Begin to identify and group services that could be offered in the Learning Commons

The workshop is the beginning of a collaborative process to work together to further refine and develop the vision for the Library Learning Commons. It will be the first of many opportunities for partners and the campus to give input on and explore how to participate in the Learning Commons.

For more information about service design, take a look at Brightspot’s Introduction to Services video

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