Learning Commons Minutes
Hill Urbina
Friday, 12/5/2014, 12:00-1:00 pm

In attendance: Jennifer King (Library), Ines Aguilar (Rehamping), Jeff Whalen (HACU), Alana Kumbier (Library), Erica Miranda (HSU), Margie Hutter (Advancement) Carl Weber (Facilities), Karina Rosenstein (Rehamping), Carla Costa (Creativity Center & notes), Laura Wenk (CTL), Anne Downes (CASA-via phone), Bob Crowley (IT-via phone)

Updated Project Specification for A6
• Strategic plan specifications need to be updated so that clarity can be maintained in working with various stakeholders through Academic Affairs
o Purpose area.
• Small edits can be made to clarify language as we go forward.
o Major tasks/activities.
• We should schedule fact-finding site visits and assign representatives who will attend.
• We will be working with Brightspot to create a service map
• A space study will need to be created working with Brightspot, an architect, and Rehamping.
• We will need to engage the campus for input on spaces and services.
• Development of a Mellon Foundation application
• Move Duplications and Bookstore, renovate library spaces. Right now, only books from the bookstore are slated to move, not the convenience store aspect. The idea is to relocate Duplications to the Multisport Center but funding will be necessary. This will need to be resolved. The LLC program and plan will be necessary to fundraise for these moves. 6-9 months lead time for renovations once things are relocated.
• By the end of this academic year, we need a top-level commitment to relocations.

Brightspot Proposal
• Focused on a service strategy.
• Typically process engages an architect simultaneously but to keep costs low in the immediate we will work strictly on a services map. While an overarching space study of the building would be ideal, the Mellon grant can cover the service strategy, and Jonathan is willing to review a budget for work with a prospective architectural firm.
• Jennifer, Mark Spiro, and Margie spoke with Shepley Bulfinch who have done several library projects and have worked with Brightspot before. Also spoke with Marianne Thompson, the firm who did the Seydel Reading Room. Both firms would like to meet with the Steering Committee.
• Proposal exceeds budget by $8k. It could be possible to cut costs by developing a few models for our own service strategy, comprised of three key components: partners to bring in, reconfigurations with existing staff and services, additions what need to be made.
o Seems that our work over the past year would be a combination of different partner models (collaborative/co-located/visiting)
o Last year conversations with partners were informal and one structured workshop for visioning. Could return to focus groups with the partners with proposed models and a few additions:
• 1. mission matches and what potential partner needs in service/outreach to students can be improved/fulfilled
• 2. proposed models w/ various partner styles placed alongside the committees delineated list of space concepts. Keeping the focus on students services.
o Let’s move forward to meet with Brightspot and discuss how we can move the work forward ourselves while taking in new information with them. Jennifer will include Carla, Bob, Jeff, and Margie on the conference call with Brightspot.

Airport Lounge Prototyping

Hampshire Student Union, Creativity Center, Rehamping, Library & IT have Facilities support to move ahead with minor renovations in the airport lounge that will prototype learning commons ideas in spring of 2015.

Carla Costa, project lead, is overseeing the following immediate activities:

  • HSU tagging of office contents.
  • Facilities will begin to demo the interior of HSU office,
  • creating windows into that space which will become quiet study.
  • The APL outer area will be modified, and existing furniture will be replaced with tables, chairs, and white boards and will become a more flexible, group study/independent study area.

Beginning Thursday 12/15, students using the APL will be redirected during the morning hours between 7:00 am – 12:00 pm M-F to allow Facilities to prepare the area for modifications.

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