Our updated committee roster for 2014-2015 includes:

Jennifer King, chair & Director of the Library
Laura Wenk, Dean for Curriculum & Assessment, Ass. Professor of Cognition & Education
Anne Downes, Senior Associate Dean of Advising
Carla Costa, Creativity Center Associate Director
Alana Kumbier, Critical Social Inquiry and Digital Pedagogy Librarian
Asha Kinney, Assistant Director of IT for Technology,Teaching/Learning
Bob Crowley, Director of Information Technology
Jeff Wallen, Dean of Humanities and Art and Professor of Comparative Literature
Ira Fay, Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Game Design
Jason Tor, Dean of Natural Science and Associate Professor of Microbiology
Rehamping – Karina Rosenstein and Ines Aguilar
Hampshire Student Union – Erika Miranda
Marjorie Hutter, Director of Foundation and Government Relations
Carl Weber, Associate Director and Project Manager, Facilities and Grounds

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