A few notes from the Library Learning Commons (LLC) Ad Hoc Steering Committee as we kick off the new year.

The committee is preparing a conceptual proposal to deliver to the President on January. 31. Our work to date has involved gathering data and feedback regarding library services and spaces now, reaching out to campus stakeholders and programmatic partners to better understand how the library learning commons can help the library become the intellectual and social center of the campus, and planning a day-long workshop with consultants.

This week, the LLC  Steering Committee, some programmatic partners and stakeholders will spend Thursday, 1/16 in a workshop facilitated by consultants Brightspot Strategy. The workshop (agenda) will provide an opportunity to review the steering committee’s data gathering undertaken in December and January, to further envision the library Learning Commons, and begin to prioritize and structure the ideas on the table.

Data Gathering and User Input

The Hampshire College Library and Library Learning Commons Steering Committee engaged staff, faculty & students to learn more about their experiences in the library. Between Dec.1 – 13, the committee solicited input, through an online survey & on butcher block paper posted in the library, asking three questions:

  1. What do like about the library now?

  2. What do you dislike about the library now?

  3. What have you always wished our library offered?

Learning Commons committee members and library staff also interviewed students in the library, and conducted observations of library users at various times in the day throughout that period.

In January, Steering Committee members have been conducting small focus-group discussions and conversations with various campus stakeholders including:

•Writing Center
•Career Options Resource Center (CORC)
•Center for Academic Support & Advising
•Dean of Students
•Lemelson Center for Design
•Community Advocacy
•Global Migration
•Community Partnerships for Social Change
•Summer Programs


The committee hopes you will hold the date Friday January 24, 2014 at 1:00 pm, Main Lecture Hall for a presentation of the draft plan for the Library Learning Commons, incorporating the information gathered throughout these activities. Please plan to join us then, and give us your feedback so that we can improve our proposal that will be submitted on 1/31.

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