Library Learning Commons Ad Hoc Steering Committee
1-2:30, FPH 108

Present: (Guests) Max Byck, Tim Stiles;  Byron McCrae, Steve Roof, Zena Clift, Asha Kinney, Jeff Wallen, Thom Long, Laura Wenk, Kristen Luschen, Oliver Martinez, Cole Cateneo-Ryan, Jennifer King (chair/minutes)

Meeting Agenda

    1. Hampster coffee – Max Byck

    2. Tim Stiles on Maker Spaces – 15 minutes

    3. Brightspot Consultants – 20 minutes

      1. update from 11/15 Service Design Bootcamp: Partnerships in Higher Education (Alana, Laura, Bob, Jennifer) trip to NY

      2. Engaging consultants

    4. Library Service Design – Bob Crowley – 30 minutes

    5. Campus Communications Plan, Discussion, next steps – 15 minutes

      • staff/dept meetings

      • faculty meeting

      • campus forum

IMG_27721. Max Byck served the committee Hampster coffee, and described his efforts to establish a coffee shop in Merrell. Asked if the library could support entrepreneurial projects like Max’s, Max said that he likes idea of library as an entrepreneurial center to develop and demonstrate proof of concepts. When asked how much coffee Hampshire needs, and when would the market be saturated, Max said that he thought there should be coffee in Merrill House, Tavern, Library & Portal.

2. Tim Stiles demonstrated the Makerbot 3D Printer. Tim discussed some of the challenges he has faced this semester. While the campus has two 3D printers, there isn’t support for their use, and in fact Tim had to teach himself how to use the printer. Now that he knows how (the printer has been stored at Lemelson but is being moved to EDH) students ask him for help. From his experience, he offers that 3D printing is a disruptive technology and inspires change and experimentation and entrepreneurship, but needs support and management to really benefit the campus.

Design/prototype/testing is slowed down at Hampshire. Tim thinks that if design/prototype/testing can be supported by the library learning commons, these tools can be integrated and used by humanities, arts, interactive sculpture, dance theory motion to robotics. For a lot of students who work in electronics, they have a real issue with getting the parts they need at a good time. Need to get them, and make sure parts work. Tom Long mentioned that the DART grant helped campus accumulate a library of arduinos. Discussed value of creating knowledge share, equipment share – access is tricky, it is a personnel thing at Hampshire, tried to get arduino’s integrated to the Media Lab, but there wasn’t personnel/staff for it,

Space + People – hierarchy of users, HACU would love to have laser printers, cutters, would want it for them and the arts students; Materials expensive for printers, training issues, who is certified to use it.



  • How does Lemelson fit in with this?

  • What is needed for classes, what works for DIV III students, and for students just working on projects

  • How to Integrate into makerspace and integrate into courses

  • Model moving forward – workshops (Jeff)

    • Great to have tools, but need to have infrastructure, training for faculty

  • Lemelson is metal-shop work, it’s almost all hands-on metal work, hands-on shop

Tim studies mechatronics, robotics, wants the 3-d printer so that he can design and make parts for his robotics, showed us a quad-rotor, design of which has been difficult, blades rotate at 1000 rpm, design could go much more smoothly if there was a maker space in the learning commons in the library. Lemelson is just resistors.

  • Creativity Center is receiving faculty grant proposals for tablets for drawing,

Making these spaces publicly available would be HUGE for Hampshire.  Tim’s wish list for the Learning Commons would include a water jet cutter, laser cutter. He wants to get these tools out in the open so that students can see what they do.

3. Discussed Service Design Bootcamp with Brightspot Strategy. See blog post about bootcamp.

4. Bob Crowley, Cole Cateneo-Ryan and Oliver Martinez will lead work to assess “Where we are”.

Benchmarking exercise – gather data

  1. what do I retain?

  2. what do I change?

  3. How do you want to use this space?

  • Bob Crowley and Rehamping will work together to put up butcher block paper to solicit feedback about existing library and campus resources/services

  • Asha Kinney will create an online mechanism to collect “virtual” comments

We will plan to collect information from Dec. 2 – Dec. 14

Do a service blueprint-  we will identify existing services with in the library and figure out what the offerings are.  Map them.

Do a Journey Map –  We walk through a user experience in the existing environment, for each service to gain and understanding of the emotional truth that the user experiences.

Create Persona (s) for use to figure out Motivation, needs etc.

Then brainstorm with the committee.

Then we can do an exercise called co-creation which brings users in to see how they react to possible scenarios

5. Campus Communications

Learning Commons Committee will invite campus colleagues to an open discussion and presentation about the Library Learning Commons on Friday 12/6 from 1-2:30. Location to be announced.


Benchmarking Trip Suggestions for Hampshire From Brightspot Strategy:


 Brightspot Service Design Bootcamp Powerpoint is in the Learning Commons Moodle site


LSC Webinar: Spaces for Making the Process of Learning Transparent for Faculty at Purdue University

Developing & Providing Integrated Student Services In Higher Education: Creating The “One Stop Shop” For Students Webinar

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