Representatives from the Library Learning Commons Ad Hoc Steering Committee (Alana Kumbier, CSI/Digital Pedagogy Librarian; Laura Wenk, Dean for Curriculum and Assessment; Jennifer King, Director of the Library; Bob Crowley, Director of Information Technology) attended a one-day Service Design Bootcamp:

Partnerships in Higher Education last Friday 11/15. The bootcamp was hosted by Brightspot, an integrated strategy firm in New York.

We went on this trip to explore using some of Brightspot’s methods to support our process at Hampshire. We have been interested in Brightspot in part because of the great work they have done with libraries like NC State Hunt Library and the resulting Learning Space Toolkit.


Brightspot’s non-linear process includes 4 phases:brightspot_1

  1. Understanding (where are we?)
  2. Visioning (what’s the destination?)
  3. Planning & Prototyping (how do we get there?)
  4. Implementation (what do we do along the way?)




Their approach to design thinking is embedded with these 6 ideas:

  • Connect left brain right brain thinking (visualization, synthetic, hands-on, storying)
  • Hands-on and co-created
  • Integrated
  • Future-focused
  • Consensus-building
  • Organized for action


Brightspot utilizes tools with partners that include:IMG_2627

  • Observations
  • Visioning cards
  • Personas
  • User journey maps
  • Interactive floorplay
  • Prototyping




We are excited to be learning these tools, as they will give us the structure to explore aligning services at Hampshire, both in the library physical space and also in the library virtual spaces.


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