Steering Committee and Timeline:

The Library Learning Commons Concept will be developed by an ad hoc steering committee, convened and chaired by Library Director Jennifer King, and based upon broad input from students, faculty, staff, and affected programs.

  1. Cole Cateneo-Ryan, Rehamping Student
  2. Zena Clift, Associate Dean of Advising
  3. Bob Crowley, Director of Information Technology
  4. Marjorie Hutter, Director of Foundation and Government Relations
  5. Asha Kinney, Assistant Director of I.T.-Technology Teaching/Learning
  6. Alana Kumbier, Critical Social Inquiry & Digital Pedagogy Librarian
  7. Thom Long, Five College Assistant Director of Architecture & Design, Director of Creativity Center
  8. Byron McCrae, Dean of Students
  9. Oliver Martinez, Rehamping Student
  10. Steve Roof, Associate Professor of Earth and Environmental Science, NS
  11. Daniel Schrade, Associate Professor of Art
  12. Jeff Wallen, Dean of HACU
  13. Carl Weber, Project Manager, Facilities Management
  14. Laura Wenk, Dean of Curriculum and Assessment

Advisory Members

  • Kara Lynch, Faculty Advisory Lead, Associate Professor of Video Production, HACU, Film, Photo & Video
  • Kristen Luschen, Associate Professor of Education Studies, CSI Ethnographic and Community-Based Research Advisor
  • Ira Fay, Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Game Design, CS Gaming Advisor



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