Library Learning Commons

Charge from President, October 14, 2013

Hampshire plans to renovate parts of the library and significantly modify the library first floor to create a Hampshire College Library Learning Commons. The library will partner with the Academic Program to create a robust and energized space for both study and access to academic support services. Combining these resources in the library’s centralized location will create an accessible, interdisciplinary, and supportive learning environment for all Hampshire students. Programmatic partners may include the writing center, qualitative and quantitative research center, academic tutoring, the PARC mentor program alongside library services that include library and media research collections and skill development, archives, multimedia editing labs and instruction, the circulating art collection and the Gallery. The Library Learning Commons project will think creatively about further co-locating resources that include the Creativity Center, maker spaces, and the bridge café.


In The Making of a College, Hampshire’s library was designed to be the “educative aorta of the College.” Creating a learning commons in the library is in keeping with that vision of a library that nourishes the intellectual and social lives of Hampshire students, faculty, and staff. This initiative has emerged as a realistic and achievable project that has the potential to transform student experience at Hampshire. Recruitment and retention are both key for the continued success of the institution, and the library renovation will directly support both.

Steering Committee and Timeline:

The Library Learning Commons Concept will be developed by an ad hoc steering committee, convened and chaired by Library Director Jennifer King, and based upon broad input from students, faculty, staff, and affected programs. The steering committee will develop a proposal by 12/31/13 to submit to the President, the VP For Academic Affairs, the Dean of Students, and the VP For Administration and Finance. The objective is to secure financing and Board approval and implement the renovations by September 2015




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