Tech Tip of the Week: On the Level

Of all of the unexpected uses for my smart phone, using it as a level is my favorite.

When I first got my smart phone I loved the fact that it doubles as a flashlight: clever and really useful. Recently I’ve had some issues with my washing machine, and I’ve been thrilled that I can just pull out my phone and use it as a level.

Smart phones have built in tilt sensors (that’s how they know to switch the orientation of the screen, and allow pinball and other direction-sensitive games), so they can also be used as a level.

iOS 7 on the iPhone has a minimalist level in the Compass app–swipe to the left on the compass and it will appear. I prefer third party levels with a more traditional appearance–just search in the App Store or Google Play for “level” or “bubble level” to find one that’s right for you.

iPhone level

A Look at iOS 7

A major update to the operating system running on iPads and iPhones was released yesterday. It’s called iOS 7 and contains some major changes in design and function. Here’s a quick look at the new features!

Disclaimer: While we haven’t come across any major problems with iOS 7, we’re not recommending everyone rush to update. History tells us that updates like this never work 100% perfectly! So update at your own risk.