96 hours is not that long of a time span!

Some of you may have noticed a small snow event in October.   Snowtober as we call it,  certainly tested Hampshire IT’s disaster planning.  I am happy to report that for the most part we managed to weather the “storm” with very little down time.   Our servers and services remained accessable to the outside world.  The  big problem was that the most everyone had no power so access was limited  once laptop batteries died and cell phones ran down.

I came across this interesting article at Gigaom  while doing research on cell tower backup systems.  You will be happy to  learn that we are in fact re-examining the short comings of Hampshire ‘s  Disaster Recovery plan as well as infrastructure shortcomings.    I hope to report back shortly on what the next steps will be .

In the mean time enjoy:  Gigaom

Bob C