What’s New with OneCard Dining?

Over the course of the summer, Hampshire IT undertook the project of implementing a new dining system across all campus dining locations.  Here’s what that means for students, staff and faculty.


All students, faculty and staff may use their OneCard in four dining locations this year:

  • Dining Commons
  • Bridge Cafe
  • Kern Kafe (new!)
  • Mixed Nuts (new!)

Payment Methods

You now have flexibility how to pay for food, depending on location:

  • Full or Block meal plans can be purchased by students and employees and used at both the Dining Commons and Bridge Cafe.
  • Cafe Card or “flex dollars” can be used at any location.
  • Cash and Credit Cards can be used at any location.

How do Cafe Card/Flex Dollars Work?

Students and employees have the ability to add money to their OneCard and then use that money at any dining location.   All students start with $155/semester as part of their enrollment at Hampshire. Once your money is spent, you can choose to add more money simply by going to TheHub, logging in and selecting “Make a Payment”.

Additionally, employees have the benefit of payroll deduction.  Instead of proactively adding money onto their OneCard, employees just need to swipe their OneCard at any location and the cost of that transaction will be deducted from your next paycheck.  There’s nothing to setup – just swipe and go.

Bridge Cafe Meal Equivalents

Bon Appetit has created Meal Plan Equivalents at the Bridge Cafe. This means for those on a Full or Block meal plan you can choose to eat a lunch in the Bridge instead of the Dining Commons.  You need to check with the Bridge to see what options they have available day-to-day for the meal plan equivalent as it may change.

Dining Commons Meal Periods

If you dine using a Full or Block meal plan, please note that you can eat as much as you’d like while in the Dining Commons.  However you may not enter, leave and re-enter the building multiple times during the same meal period.


With our new dining system in place you have more locations, more options, more payment methods.  Go checkout the coffee in Kern.  Sample some of the options in Mixed Nuts.  Eat lunch in the Bridge.  Enjoy dinner in the Dining Commons.


Free Lunch! Do You Need a New ID Card?

OneCardThe college has negotiated one free lunch per week for staff and faculty members in the Dining Commons. You likely need a new card in order to get in the door. Come have a new ID made any time in the OneCard office on the ground floor of the Library.

Additionally, OneCard will set up equipment in the Dining Commons for a few days at the start of the semester. Dates are to be determined and will be announced shortly. Email onecard@hampshire.edu with any questions.

You’ll likely run into some Hampshire IT staff enjoying lunch in the Dining Commons; feel free to join us!

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