FPH Classroom Updates

We’ve been busy this summer getting the rest of the FPH classrooms ready to go with new equipment. Rooms 101-102 and 105-108 now have similar set-ups to 103 and 104.

Features include new HD projectors, Apple TV’s that allow wireless projecting from some Mac devices, and no more ugly racks with crazy cabling!

Rooms 101 and 102 have projection whiteboards behind the projection screens, so a class can mark-up a projected image or text, but still have a nice pristine screen when they need it.

We hope these improvements will improve everyone’s classroom experiences this fall!


Moodle News!

Fall 2013 Sites Are Here

Most Fall 2013 Moodle sites are now available in Moodle. After logging in you’ll see them listed under “Future Courses”.

If you had a Moodle site for a previous version of your course, email moodle@hampshire.edu and we can import the content over for you into the new site.

May Moodle Sessions

Want to get some ideas for your Fall courses? We’re running a series of demonstrations of Moodle features that other faculty have used with success.
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More on MOOCs

This past Friday Sarah Hews gave the NS Lunch talk about MOOCs and how they could be used at Hampshire. She has had a number of students make use of open educational resources over the past year: some for independent studies, some to get up to speed on foundational skills, some to pursue areas of interest that lie outside our course offerings. She made a powerful case for utilizing these resources as complements to the Hampshire experience, and as a natural tie-in to Hampshire’s commitment to innovative education.
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Time Shifting

Happy new year. It’s about time I did a new post, and this post is about time.

When I was little I remember saying to my mother “Wouldn’t it be great if we could somehow save a TV show and watch it when we felt like it?”, to which she answered, ominously, “But honey- wouldn’t that be like playing with time?”

Fast forward thirty years and “time-shifting” is now a legal term and common practice, mostly related to the watching of TV shows. We want things on-demand. On our schedule. Having to be in a certain place at a certain time? Forget it. 2013, you say? We’ll see about that!

This on-demand concept is appearing more and more in education. Students of today are saying “Wouldn’t it be great if I could somehow save that class and go when I felt like it?” And guess what- at many colleges they can.
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FPH Classroom Updates: Before & After

This past December IT updated the projection systems in FPH 103 & 104. Boy did they need it! Both rooms have a new HD-quality projector which looks great and is brighter than the previous models- so no need to totally close the blinds when viewing something.

We hope to roll these improvements, or┬ávariations┬áthereof, to the rest of the FPH classrooms over the next year- stay tuned! Click “Full Post” to see more pics!
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MOOC Attack: Confessions of a Coursera Drop-out

A MOOC is a Massive Open Online Course, generally offered by an educational organization or affiliation for free for all who want to participate. A MOOC is connectivist education in its purest form, and some of the earliest ones were taught by George Siemens, founder of the connectivist learning model. The MOOC concept has taken off like a shot these past couple years with big names like Coursera and EdX offering courses from leading educational institutions. Are these MOOCs a threat to the very fabric of higher education? Or a passing fad?
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The Kindle Fire: “Appears Serviceable”

We’re in the process of buying a house. The home inspection process introduced me to the single most common word used by home inspectors: serviceable. Doors appeared serviceable. Furnace appeared serviceable. Sauna, hot tub and indoor lap pool appeared serviceable (well…).

It’s this exact word that comes to mind when using the Kindle Fire. I tried the 7″, $159 model. It was perfectly serviceable. It did what it was supposed to do. It did it well. Here’s what you can do on a Fire:
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