New to your Hampshire Google Drive: Team Drives

If you’ve logged into your Hampshire Google Drive over the past few days, you may have noticed the new “Team Drives” option hanging out in your right sidebar. You can read up on how Team Drives can make your life easier below, or head over to our instructions for using Team Drives for more information.

File Ownership

While normal files and folders in Google Drive are owned by the person who created them, the files and folders in a Team Drive are owned by the group.  Using Team Drives, you won’t need to worry about transferring the ownership of documents between people if the original owner is no longer around.  

Easier Sharing

When you view your Team Drive, you can immediately see how many members it has displayed in the header, along with the option to manage those members.  The more direct route to these options can make your life easier when working with larger groups.

If you just want to share one file or folder with an individual who isn’t a Team Drive member, you have the flexibility to do that, too.  The steps for sharing in that way are the same for all Google Drive documents.

Clear Organization

Even for constant users of Google Drive, it can sometimes be a challenge to organize and efficiently find your documents.  Team Drives have some advantages in this area, too.  Any Team Drives that you belong to will appear in the left sidebar of your Google Drive.  They also have customizable themes, which allows you to vary up the colors and patterns to better orient yourself.