Moodle News for 2016

Great things await us in 2016, at least in the realm of Moodle! Here are some updates on new features you may want to put to use next semester.

Importing Course Materials: Yes, You Can

Faculty can now import materials from one course to another without getting an error message! Yeah! Here’s how. We’re still happy to do it for you, too, just let us know.


Home is Where the Hamp Is

Using our new “set default home” feature in the log in block will save you a few clicks each time you log in. Setting a default home makes Moodle remember that you are from Hampshire, and will take you right to the Hampshire log in screen instead of first having to choose Hampshire from a list. Just think of all the time you will save!



Where am I? What day is it? Now you can find out, thanks to Moodle!

In courses using the default class-by-date format, Moodle will now automatically highlight (in beige) the sections nearest to the current date. This way you can see at a glance where you are in the course and in the semester.

This particular feature was developed by our student web programmer, Andy Zito, and lays the ground work for further improvements to our Moodle formats! Thanks Andy!!!Highlighted Sections

Collapsed Topics: Give Your Moodle a Makeover

Is the “scroll-of-death” in Moodle driving you crazy? The new-ish collapsed topic format makes your course more navigable. You can even use it in combination with individual dates for each class meeting. Find out more about it here.

collapsed topics

Many thanks to our new web programmer Kevin Williarty who joined us in 2015 and made many of these improvements possible. Also big thanks to our student web programmer Andy!!

 As always if you need Moodle help or have any questions please email