You Got an Incomplete. Now What?

So it’s the end of the semester and unfortunately you just received an incomplete in a course, now what do you do?  Here’s what will happen and how you can still save yourself with some work.

Missing Work

An instructor can choose to assign an incomplete to a student who has work that is missing or incomplete.  Receiving an incomplete may not be the most exciting highlight of your semester, but the instructor is giving you the opportunity to complete the missing work and still receive an evaluation in a course.  This is far better than the dreaded No Evaluation, Hampshire’s equivalent to an “F”.

What Happens?

When an instructor assigns you an incomplete, the process is a bit like Waitlisting a course:

  1. You’ll be notified via email that you have an incomplete.
  2. You must log into TheHub within 24 hours, read what the instructor wants you to complete to remedy the missing work, and respond that you do or do not agree.
  3. If you agree, you have a set deadline (date) by which you must complete and turn in all the missing work.  If you disagree, you will enter comments why you disagree and they are sent to the instructor.
  4. If you disagree, the instructor has the choice to amend their original requirements or leave them as originally stated.
  5. If you agree, compete the form (sample below), complete the work and turn it in on time (before the deadline).

Sample Incomplete Email

Here’s a sample of what you’ll get in email should you receive an incomplete:

You have recieved an incomplete in the course HACU-xxxx. You have 24 hours to respond to what the instructor expects you to complete in order to resolve this incomplete and successfully receive an evaluation in the course. If you do not respond on TheHub within 24 hours (by midnight on MM/DD/YYYY) or fail to complete the work by the MM/DD/YYYY deadline set by the instructor for this course, you will receive No Evaluation for this course. Please go to to respond to this incomplete.

TheHub Form

When you click the link in the email message and log into TheHub, you’ll see a form that looks something like this (click image to view a larger version):

Screen Shot 2013-12-12 at 9.45.19 AM

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  1. This article was super helpful, and relieving! lol.
    It was cool that I could just google “receiving an incomplete hampshire college” and then this article came up. I’m not sure how I would have found it otherwise….

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