End of Semester Course Evaluations

The end of the semester is nearly here, and we know you’re busy finishing up your courses and will begin writing your evaluations in due time. However, CASA quickly needs to know who will be receiving Incompletes or No Evaluation in your courses so they can possibly intervene to support the student. How you write evaluations is changing on TheHub this week and here’s a short primer to help you out.

Previously when you selected a
old_sidebar course, you were presented the class roster and could switch between the roster and accessing/writing evaluations with a link on the left sidebar, shown here. The links to setup and access your course assessment will remain on the left sidebar for now.

Now when you select a course, you are still presented the class roster but have several Actions available to you in the upper right corner:


Summary Evaluations

In order to quickly notify CASA which of your students will be receiving an Incomplete or No Evaluation, you should choose the “final summary evaluation” action.  This gives you a quick entry form to indicate on a student-by-student basis who has completed the course. Just click “Yes”, “No” or “Incomplete” as appropriate for each student in your course to send information to CASA — you can write the evaluation later before the January 15 deadline. Please note that this does not mark any evaluation as “Final” – you must still perform that action from the “access all evaluations” action.


New Incomplete Policy

This semester a new incomplete policy is in place, as voted by faculty. When assigning an Incomplete to a student you must also enter

  1. A list of all work the student is required to complete
  2. A date by which the student must submit all missing work, no later than 1/30* for Fall courses  (or 6/30 for Spring courses).

After entering this information, it is sent to the student and they have 24 hours to consent.  Reminders will be sent to the student and faculty a week before the due date, and then the faculty have one week to write the evaluation after the due date.  If an evaluation is not written within one week after the due date, the evaluation will automatically switch from Incomplete to No Evaluation.

*January 30th was selected to represent, in general, the first day of the spring term.


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