Tech Tip of the Week: Changes to Spam Filtering

Over the summer we made some changes to the way email that appears to be junk mail is processed. If it seems like you’re missing email, check your Junk folder.

How our Junk Mail Detection Works
When email comes into Hampshire it’s scanned to determine the likelihood that it is spam. If it has a high score on spam factors it will be sent to a folder called “Junk”, and the mail system will make a note that similar emails in the future should also be treated as junk mail.

Sometimes messages that we’d like to receive in our mailboxes look like junk mail to the email scanner. No junk mail scanner is perfect, and it’s probably best to have the scanner err on the side of being too cautious–provided that it’s adaptive so that it can be trained to behave exactly the way we want.

How to Train the Junk Mail Scanner
If you find a message that you don’t consider spam in your Junk folder, drag it into your Inbox. When you move email out of the Junk folder the junk mail scanner will take note and be less likely to mark a similar message as junk in the future. If you still find similar incoming messages in your Junk folder, keep moving them out–eventually the junk mail scanner should get the picture.

Other Options for Junk Mail Handling
There are two other ways you can adapt the way junk mail is handled:

  • You can set up the junk mail scanner to deliver junk mail to your Inbox.
  • You can add specific email addresses to a “white list”, so that every message you receive from that email address will be delivered to your Inbox no matter how much it looks like spam. There’s a “black list”, too, which will force all email from specific addresses to be treated as spam.

These options are found by going to and selecting “Email settings.”

Junk Handling for Forwarded Email
If you forward your Hampshire email to Gmail or another service, Hampshire will still deliver email determined to be spam to your Hampshire account’s Junk folder. These items will not be forwarded to Gmail. If you suspect that items are being mis-marked as spam you should log into your Hampshire webmail and follow the instructions above to train the junk mail handler, or use one of the other options for junk mail handling.