Icons and Notifications: Coming to TheHub!

It’s a busy time of the year and we’re trying to push ahead with continuous updates on TheHub to better support faculty and make it easier to know when certain actions are required.  To that end, we’re introducing some new icons and beginning to work on proper notifications.

Div II/III Contracts

Filing deadlines are looming which means Div II and III students are revising and/or submitting their contracts for faculty signatures.  To help faculty identify which contracts require a signature, we’re introducing a new icon in your advising list: small-s

The “S” icon indicates a document is awaiting your Signature.  At this point we are only introducing this for Div II/III contracts, but will later expand to other items.  This icon will make itself know quite clearly in your advising list:


In this case, the two students pictured have a Div III contract awaiting your signature. In both cases since you are the prospective chairperson since the Div III icon contains “c”.

Required Midterm Course Evaluations

Shortly, midterm evaluations will be upon us.  Recall that midterm course evaluations are required of all first-year students and optional for all other students in your courses.  To let you know which students you must write midterm evaluations, we have added the evaluation icon small-e.  This is contrast to the Pending icon status_pending.  Both of these icons indicate that you have not finalized a midterm evaluation for a student, but a midterm evaluation is not required in the latter case.


Soon you will start to see notifications on your home screen when you log in.  These will notify you of events such as pending filing or evaluation deadlines as well as specific contracts or evaluations which require your attention in a timely manner.

As always, please send feedback to thehub@hampshire.edu if you have comments or questions.


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