TheHub Changes: Courses and Evaluations

Many faculty are getting their first taste of the last major change to the interface on TheHub. Recently, we introduced the new look for Courses: how faculty access courses, rosters and course-based evaluations.

Course List
When you log in and click on Courses you’ll get a list of your current (active) and upcoming courses. In the example above, the faculty member has two courses for Fall 2013. Note that courses for prior semesters are not listed.

If you click Complete in the sidebar, all your previously completed courses will be displayed:

Clicking on the course name for any course (upcoming, active or complete) will take you directly to a class roster and basic enrollment information:

The new version of TheHub will prominently display privacy warnings for your advisees and students in your courses with a red border around the picture and details about the student’s request will appear on any course evaluation.

Any faculty member who may be red/green color blind should contact Jeff Butera ( and we can address concerns.fac_courses

To either read or write evaluations for a student, either click Evaluations directly from the Course listing or click the link on the left sidebar of the roster. When the evaluation page is displayed, you can see the status of every course evaluation for every student at once: Midterm Self-Evaluation, Instructor Midterm Evaluation, Final Self-Evaluation and Instructor Final Evaluation.

Later in the Fall 2013 semester faculty will also be able to view summaries of student assessment of the course and instructor.

The process of writing evaluations by clicking “Write” on the evaluation list takes you to the same forms that were previously used. However, you will now see more information about each student, including their preferred pronoun to use when writing an evaluation:

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