Tech Tip Summer Extra: Hiring a New Employee?

If you’re hiring a new employee, your work doesn’t end with the offer acceptance. To ensure a smooth transition, please fill out the New Employee Computing Request Form well before their start date.

When a new employee starts, or a Hampshire employee transfers to another department, IT has several tasks to undertake:

  • Set up email access.
  • Set up access to servers as appropriate
  • Set up Datatel access as appropriate.
  • Procure and / or set up a computer.
  • Set up phone lines.
  • Provide training on IT resources.

All of these things take time and planning, so for your new employee’s sake we request that you submit the form as soon as you have a start date. The information you will need to fill out the form includes:

  • The employee’s full name.
  • The start date.
  • Where the employee’s office will be.
  • Whether you already have a computer for the employee, or if you will be needing an additional one; if it’s an additional computer, the preference of type (Mac/PC, desktop/portable).
  • What servers the employee may need access to.