TheHub Changes for Students

thehub In just a few weeks, all Hampshire students will begin to use TheHub 2.0, the first in a series of steps to reinvent TheHub.  This first iteration will introduce changes to the navigation and menus students use to access and write evaluations.  The old, outdated display (at right) is finally going away to be replaced with something that’s far easier to use.

Who will see these changes?

The changes affect all students, but those who entered Hampshire since Fall 2011 likely have not seen the old menus so this may not seem new to some.  Regardless, we have vastly improved the site navigation by introducing tabs tied to your most common activities: Courses, Div I, Div II and Div III.  You can view and write all course evaluations under the Courses tab, and view/edit your forms for Div I and contracts for Div II and III under their respective tabs.

Is this bediv2tahub?  What is betahub?

Betahub is a project where IT is working with faculty and students to completely reinvent TheHub.  The changes we’re introducing here are only a first step in that process and betahub will continue to exist. Thus, we’re not done making changes yet…


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