FPH Classroom Updates: Before & After

This past December IT updated the projection systems in FPH 103 & 104. Boy did they need it! Both rooms have a new HD-quality projector which looks great and is brighter than the previous models- so no need to totally close the blinds when viewing something.

We hope to roll these improvements, or variations thereof, to the rest of the FPH classrooms over the next year- stay tuned! Click “Full Post” to see more pics!

BEFORE: Our model features a bulky, “see-thru” rack with wild cabling. Not attractive!

AFTER: The new setup features an in-wall switcher, an unassuming table, and a DVD/VCR combo deck. Sorry- laptop not included, but you can plug in your own. These rooms will also have Apple TV’s which allow you to project wirelessly from your iOS device or Apple laptop running Mountain Lion.
BEFORE: The rooms had the wonky design of the projection screen coming in front of the whiteboard, so you had to choose between the two, or make the awkward transition of lowering or raising the rickety screens.
AFTER: We also took advantage of the big, empty white walls in both rooms and are projecting there instead of over the whiteboard. This means there’s less of a “front” to the room, and classes can shift their focus around as needed. We may squeeze in a small whiteboard to the side of the projection.



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