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We’ve become a very visual society. A web page with only text? Forget it. Books without pictures? Booorrring. Well maybe we’re not quite there yet, but the fact is that visual resources are important, and literacy about finding and using them is a crucial skill for our students (and faculty!).

Finding Images
If you or your students are looking for images to use in class or for class projects, you have some great resources at your disposal. More and more images are becoming available under Creative Commons licenses, and Hampshire subscribes to a number of databases for images. Rachel Beckwith, our Arts Librarian, has put together a great page with links and info on the visual resources available to us, check it out!

Using the Images
Here are some ways to share and present images, or to have your students share and present:

  • Set up a lightbox gallery in your Moodle course.
  • Set up a Flickr photo “set”, which you can link to or embed a slideshow of in your Moodle course.
  • Set up a Picasa web album, which you can link to or embed in your Moodle course, or share directly to student’s google accounts.
  • Create a presentation or slidehow for use in class using Powerpoint, Keynote, Picasa, even iPhoto. (Tip: Keynote lets you add multiple images to a presentation, with one slide per image, in one drag-and-drop step!)

For general info on embedding things into Moodle see our previous post here. You can also add a picture to your Moodle page just by using the tools in the text editor (so anywhere that you can type, you can also insert an image).

Be sure to watch out for copyright issues for any images you are using- placing the images in your Moodle course, with access restricted to only your students, is a good first step.

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