Keeping Track of It All

Hello again, Caro Pinto here, ready to talk about tools for managing my media diet.

There are so many blog posts, news pieces, journal articles, and white papers I want to read during the day. Unless it’s breaking news or critical for a project that I am working on in the moment, I don’t read content I discover immediately. Instead, I use a variety of services to store and organize what I read to read or retrieve later. Generally, I read my treasure trove of articles on my iPad.

Instapaper: Designed for iOS devices, Instapaper allows you to save web pages to read later. Using a bookmarklet in my web browser, I can save current web pages later. Instapaper is embedded in Twitter for iPhone and for iPad which I use daily. I can save links directly from those clients to read later. Instapaper allows you to store articles to read offline, so when I travel, I always make sure I have a long queue of articles and long form journalism pieces to read on the go.

Read It Later: Another service that allows readers to save web pages for later. Operates in all mobile platforms. Another solid choice for those who want to save items to read later online or off.

Reading Lists: Safari allows users to save web pages for later and creates reading lists right into the browser. ┬áIf you don’t have a tablet or smartphone, this is a good option.

Readability: This a neat tool that allows users to clean up web pages for easy reading. For a subscription fee, one can save articles to read later on another device, most notably the Kindle. I use their free Chrome extension to clean up text on the web for easy reading.

Zotero: Not only is Zotero a fantastic bibliographic management system, it’s also a great tool to capture web pages and attach pdfs of articles to annotate and share. It is my go to tool for tracking potential library purchases or articles I might want to teach in the future.

Happy Reading!

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