Keeping Tabs and Taking Names, Part II

Here are a couple other ways to keep your class and life organized.

Take Attendance with Moodle
Moodle  has an attendance-taking feature that we just added in this year. You set it up once, and then for the rest of the semster can just go in and quickly check off who’s here and who’s not! Some faculty pass around paper sign up sheet during class and have their TA record everything in Moodle afterwards. The advantage is you can get a quick report of attendance records for your students, and the students can see their OWN attendance record. Here’s how to set it up.

Set up Office Hours with Doodle
Yes, we know there isn’t yet a great solution for office-hours sign ups. BUT, here’s on option that is easy to use and works pretty well. It’s called Doodle and is a free web tool for setting up meetings. You just set it up once with all available office hours slots, set it so that only one person can sign up for each time slot, and give students the link. Here’s how it works:

Questions, comments, want help setting either of these up? Just get in touch!

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