Moodle: Time Saving Tips for Sharing Files

Are you using your Moodle course to share readings and other files (pdfs, images, Word, MP3, whatever) with your students? Did you know there’s more to Moodle than uploading and sharing files one at a time? Here are some options that may really help you out:

Upload a .zip File
Have a folder of 100 articles on your computer? Upload them all in one step. Not one at a time. Yes, we can! The process involves creating a “.zip” file on your computer and uploading it into Moodle, then placing those files into the section of your choice (or using one of the methods below instead).

Create a Directory
Have 20 articles of supplemental reading, a group of images, or an album’s worth of MP3 files? Link to them as a group in one step. Moodle calls this a “directory” but it’s basically linking to a folder from your Moodle course instead of just one file.

Lightbox Gallery
Have a group of images you want students to view and comment on? Moodle calls this a “Lightbox Gallery”. The set-up process is similar to the “Directory” above.

Instructions and examples for all of the above techniques are in the “Files” section of our how-to site here.

Hope they save you a little time! As always, get in touch if you need a hand.



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