Embedding: Why, What, Where, and How

If you have multi-media material or presentations to share with your class, a neat way to share them is to embed them into your Moodle page (or any other webpage, for that matter).  Embedding means the material appears right there on the page (like the video below), but is technically just a link so you’re not storing the actual material.


Why would I want to embed something?

  • It’s right there on your course page, immediately visible, and the students don’t have to click out of Moodle to see it/watch it.
  • You’re technically just linking to it, so there are no permission/copyright issues to worry about.
  • People can’t download it (or can’t download it easily) so it offers a certain level of protection.
  • No need to worry about file size- again, it’s just a link and lives somewhere else.
  • It’s “live”- if you embed, for example, a google presentation, you can make changes on the fly and they will immediately appear on the Moodle page. No need to delete and re-upload.

What would I embed?

Where would I embed something?
  • In your Moodle course
  • In RedDot
  • On any other webpage you are using!
How do I embed something?
  1. Copy the embed code from the website where the material lives- YouTube, Flikr, etc. Any site that gives you the embed code- go for it!
  2. Paste that embed code into the HTML of the webage where you want the embedded material to go. If you can access the HTML of the page- go for it!
  3. Watch the embedded video below to see how it works.

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